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(Album) Love In Action – Jacob Haaga

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“Love In Action” is an album of 15 songs all by Evang. Jacob Haaga.

Jacob Haaga started and initiated the “Sing Alive Gospel Music Ministry (SAGOMM) in the year 2004.

Evang. Jacob Haaga had received and composed over 300 songs to the glory of God.
Recorded his first gospel music album of 8 tracks in 2013 and second album “Love In Action” of 15 tracks.

Download and God Bless You as you share.

01. Worship in spirit Anthem 👉🏽 Download

02. Spotless Lamb of God 👉🏽 Download


03. It is by Grace 👉🏽 Download

04. Awambe A Yesu 👉🏽 Download

05. Your Presence Is Here 👉🏽 Download

06. Sarem A We 👉🏽 Download

07. Love In Action 👉🏽 Download

08. The Lord my Shepherd 👉🏽 Download

09. My very Present Help 👉🏽 Download

10. The Difference In My Life 👉🏽 Download

11. I am Grateful 👉🏽 Download

12. Ka an nan lu er We 👉🏽 Download

13. The Lord is Mighty 👉🏽 Download

14. I will Run To You 👉🏽 Download

15. I will succeed 👉🏽 Download

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