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Tue. Oct 20th, 2020

His the CEO of Dis and Dat Oja Ale ltd,  they are into activating of all kind of business…


Oluwafemi Iwajomo was part of the team that activated Topj phantom on Aminu Kano Crescent wuse 2, Abuja..



He was the a former exco as Chief whip of Actors Guild of Nigeria Abuja chapter for 8yrs 2002 to 2020


O.j Iwajomo was the Location manager and an  actor in merry men aka yoruba Demons and also created the bank scene and the props keeper on set..



He was also the character “Loco” on radio drama my niebour my niebour by BBC media and also a free lancer art director for BBC Media


Props manager on the set of “If AM THE PRESIDENT”


Art director on the set of “Boycott”


Co-producer of bad comment, EP was Jim Iyke December 2019 to January 2020


Activated Crazy grill at view point july 2020


Activator of View point post covid 19 planning started 1st Aug 2020…



Lover of God, fun lover, happy soul, An activator 0and a defender of the oppressed, a lover of children with 3kids and one wife for now…


Presently working on the pre-production of two movie


They call him THE MAN WITH THE MASTER PLAN maybe because he read urban and regional planning, his also known as the captain of the market of Dis and Dat Oja Ame

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